Service Oriented Architecture

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SOA Training

Class Room Based Courses

SOA Certified Professional

A certified SOA Certified Professional designation has mastered the fundamentals topics areas pertaining to SOA and service oriented computing,and has met qualifications by demonstrating in at least one additional area, internationally established and further proven through a series of published books,papers and industry innovation.

SOA Certified Consultant

A Certified SOA Consultant is required to obtain proficiency in a cross-section of key SOA topic areas, including both conceptual and technical aspects of service-oriented computing. SOA Consultants must be fluent in the terminology and theory that underlies SOA and service-oriented computing and must furthermore fully understand the dynamics, requirements and application impacts of service-orientation. Additionally, these professionals must be familiar with the overall SOA project delivery life cycle and the specific characteristics of individual project phases. Delivery strategies and governance issues are also critical topic areas so as to ensure that the governance impact of any planning, delivery or design decision can be fully assessed ahead of time. SOA-certified consultants must also be technically adapt having worked with common SOA technologies and understanding their unique application requirements. Upon request, we also offer training manuals or study manuals for the below courses:

SOA Certified Consultant

A Certified SOA Analyst specializes in carrying out the analysis, definition of service inventory blueprints and the modeling, definition of service candidates, service capability candidates and service composition candidates.

SOA Certified Architect

A Certified SOA Architect has demonstrated proficiency in the mechanics of SOA through the physical design of service-oriented technology architectures, service-oriented solutions,and related infrastructure.

Certified SOA Governance Specialist

A Certified SOA Governance Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in defining,establishing, and evolving governance frameworks,precepts,and processes in support of organizational and technological SOA governance requirements.

Certified SOA Security Specialist

A Certified SOA Security Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in establishing security extensions for contemporary service oriented architectures through the mastery of security patterns, practices, and industry technologies.

SOA Certified java Developer

A Certified SOA Java Developer has proficiency with the development of distributed solutions using Java programming technologies and tools, and has attained proven mastery of applying service-orientation to the programming and implementation of services-based Java solutions.

SOA certified .net Developer

A Certified SOA .NET Developer has proficiency with the development of distributed solutions using .NET programming technologies and tools, and has attained proven mastery of applying service orientation to the programming and implementation of services-based .NET solutions.

Certified SOA Quality Assurance Specialist

A Certified SOA Quality Assurance Specialist has proven expertise with testing techniques and practices specific to shared services and service-oriented solutions,and has further acquired proficiency with required quality assurance processes and assessment criteria.

Service-Oriented Architecture

Innovative services technologies are considered as valuable business assets and are accounted on the balance sheet of companies. It helps companies to stay ahead of competition and enable them to react rapidly to change. The price of hardware has decreased drastically during the last decades while the power to processed information has increased by more than ten folds. There is a need for consuming and accessing more information. We are in the era in the evolution of service-oriented computing where modern service technology innovation is building upon mature service platforms at the same time that proven delivery techniques and design are building upon an established service-oriented paradigm. These developments have made it possible to create service-oriented solutions of unprecedented sophistication.

You may choose several services options such as follows:
• Awareness training for Service-Oriented Architecture Personnel
• Assessment of the current SOA Environment
• Setting up a SOA Centre of Excellence

Governance Consulting

During various stages of your enterprise SOA/API implementation, you would need to create, communicate and enforce adaptation of business & technical policies to ensure efficiency and compliance. We enable you to design & implement an effective governance model to realize the benefits of your SOA and API initiatives. This would involve:

• Design & implementation of an effective governance structure required for SOA adoption and an API Management strategy, including formation of the CoE, defining processes, investments, policies etc.
• Definition and integration of the Application Services Governance processes with the existing IT governance
• Planning & implementation of processes, guidelines, tools etc. for runtime & design time governance

We understand that every organization is quite unique in the way it functions – its processes, execution style and even its IT culture. The one-size-fits-all policy doesn’t normally work when it comes to defining and putting in place Governance policies. We draft tailor-made governance strategies that extend your existing IT governance. Our special recipe for you includes:

• Building a SOA/API business case
• Designing a SOA/API adoption strategy with a customized transition plan
• Application of effective Application Services Governance
• Definition of specific policies for runtime SOA/API implementation
• Defining procedures for problem/change management
• Implementation strategy for knowledge management
• Defining and creating frameworks to track ROI on SOA/API initiatives

SOA/API Strategy

Perhaps the most important step to make your SOA/API initiative a success is to nail down the business goals. You could start by asking yourself the following three questions:

• What business goals am I looking to address with my SOA/API initiative?
• What should be my priorities with this initiative?
• How can I better align the structure to achieve my priorities?
• Once you have the answers to these three questions, we could help further distil it with the following offerings:

Analyzing and identifying areas to work on, to improve enterprise maturity for SOA/API adoption

• Building a strong business case
• Identifying and re-engineering existing IT service portfolios to compliment SOA/API adoption
• Defining KPIs for a winning SOA/API initiative
• Outlining the game plan and better aligning key initiatives, dependencies, risks, etc.
• Drafting a plan to leverage Cloud in order to make the assets more consumable & scalable
• Performing pilots to validate the architecture for SOA/API adoption

Governance Consulting

Finalizing the technologies and methodologies for SOA/API adoption is a key aspect that determines your enterprise’s SOA/API success. With the choices available, it can be daunting to identify the right product stack and approach for your enterprise.

We can assist you with the following:
• Evaluate your current Enterprise Architecture with its various portfolios
• Design a reference architecture to integrate your current service portfolio with SOA/API adoption
• Plan & implement the technology blocks required for your SOA/API Initiative
• Define SOA/API based solution architecture
• Performing PoC’s (Proof of Concepts) for SOA/API tools/products
• Design, develop and implement SOA/API security architecture
• Creating business domains with process models for future improvements

Enterprise Architecture Implementation and Mentoring

Enterprise Architecture Implementation and Mentoring is aimed at Enterprise Architect that already have a solid understanding of TOGAF Framework and helps with the following:
• Jump start the Enterprise Architecture Journey
• Understand and put into practice the TOGAF Framework and the Archimate Language
• Set-up the Architecture Landscape
• Using Industry Architectures
• Setting up Governance Log
• Understand the impact of Architecture Capability on Organisation
• Mentor and help implement the TOGAF ADM

Please note that this is not a TOGAF Certification course but a service related to Enterprise Architecture. Please contact us to enable your journey in the Enterprise Architect.

Business Process Management

We have a proven track-record of successful BPM implementations for large and mid-sized enterprises ranging from Telcos to Banks and Energy companies. We assist them, both in Process Improvement and in Business Transformation. We work with enterprises in defining the steps and throughout their turn-key business process management initiatives.

Some of our core offerings include:
• Process Maturity Assessment
• Process Audit & Impact
• Process Improvement
• BPMS Evaluation & Integration
• Process Modeling, Simulation, Design & Implementation
• Process Transformation & Innovation

SOA/API Platform Architecture

With the choice of SOA/API product stacks available today, it is easy to get lost in a maze of marketing hype. Being vendor neutral, we assist you in picking the right product stack based on your existing EA strategy and architecting a solution that works for your enterprise through the following offerings:

• Planning and Architecting the SOA/API platform based on your business objectives
• Design of your SOA/API platform which will interoperate with your existing IT assets
• Conducting Proof of Concepts to ensure the architectural objectives are met with the platform chosen
• Implementing the architected platform and deploying it
• Use platform independent standards to ensure your users are free to choose their own implementation mechanisms

Service/API Identification and Design

We assist you in identifying and designing the atomicity and granularity of services and APIs required to meet your business needs. Put together, these services/APIs would make up the service inventory for all the business cases across your enterprise. We offer the following:

• Identifying and designing granular, atomic services/APIs to meet business needs
• Designing the structure of composite services/APIs
• Identifying maximum number of reusable interfaces to reduce time and effort.
• Designing wrappers/adapters for legacy systems instead of reinventing and rebuilding from scratch
• Adhering to defined security and governance standards

Governance Consulting

The SOA/API Factory Delivery model was formulated to bring in a cost-effective method for mass producing SOA services and APIs. This delivery model for building shared services/APIs drastically reduces your costs for development, together with providing a strong and effective backbone for design, and deployment activities carried out in parallel.

The team implements shared services/APIs taking specifications provided by the CoE, refining these and working with multiple project teams, who stitch together these services/APIs into project-specific solutions for a customer. The Factory is therefore a delivery resource used by project teams accessing or developing shared services / APIs.

Some obvious benefits from the service factory model include:
• Applications that are highly componentized on a wide-spread, cost-effective basis
• The focus of the core client team is on integrating services/APIs produced in large numbers, rather than on churning out these services/APIs
• The adoption of such a model would mandate solid standards to be introduced in the very early stages, robust planning and a solid governance structure
• Services/APIs would become the pervasive fabric of all applications leading to highly integrated processes in lesser time owing to a large factory dedicated to producing them
• Increased manageability through smaller dedicated work streams enables the IT team to contribute directly to business agility and innovation

SOA & APIs bring new testing challenges that will require changes to your existing test strategy if the key business benefits are to be realized. We typically start testing early-on and assist with turn-key testing solutions for SOA and API initiatives. Our Senior Test Consultants work with client teams to establish the right Test Strategy and the test team

subsequently follows it up with quality assurance and test strategy execution. Our offerings include:

• Test Management and Planning
• Test Architecture and Design
• Test Execution
• Test Tools - Our Vendor Neutral approach and wide product experience can help you design and implement the right SOA/API Test tool strategy