Our Business Analysis Training Courses

The services we offer go beyond merely fixing problems; we like to take a more proactive approach to create long-term strategic goals that create value and help deliver your business goals.

Effective Elicitation for better BA outcomes

There is a strong correlation between efficacy of requirements elicitation activities and quality of documented requirements. This predominantly hands-on course simulates real life situations in order to enhance learners’ ability to conduct effective and efficient elicitation by equipping them with a framework, common techniques, and mature best practices.

Writing high quality requirements

Research suggests that 70% of IT projects fail. One of the most significant reasons for failure is: low quality requirements. Yet, not enough attention is being given to improve BAs’ capabilities in this area.

This hands-on course simulates real life situations in order to significantly enhance learners’ contribution to success of IT projects by documenting and communicating high quality requirements.

Core Business Analysis for package implementation

Implementation of Packaged Solutions is one of the most common types of projects Business Analysts/Consultants work on. While functional knowledge of the packaged solution is a critical competency, organizations and individuals often underestimate the value of employing core business analysis best practices. This course aims to help learners consistently perform better by supplementing their functional solution expertise with relevant requirements elicitation, analysis and documentation techniques and best practices.

Collaboration of consensus building

In today’s networked economy; globalized workplaces; and focus on core competency, the ability to bring people together to develop shared understanding is more important than ever. Yet, not enough attention is given to hone collaboration and consensus building skills, which are easy to learn but difficult to master.

The goal of this course is to strengthen learners’ collaborative mind set, impart best practices and techniques to increase effectiveness of collaborative efforts, and make learners more proficient in building consensus and managing conflicts.

Business Analysis Boot Camp

Organizations can reap significant rewards by grooming “right-fit” college graduates and other IT professionals into the BA role.

This course aims to provide learners a consistent and broad perspective on business analysis, improve their performance in the BA role, and set them up for accelerated growth. Course goals will be achieved by establishing a consistent, standards- driven (IIBA®) BA framework and vocabulary; and by imparting techniques, best practices, and soft skills.

Business Analysis - Training

Simply Tech has also signed an agreement with Ba ValueBase, an international company with offices in USA and India. The objective of this alliance is to mature business analysis in South Africa. Below is a high overview of what will be achieved from this alliance:

• Solution to discover/assess business analyst levels and skills.
• Hands-on training that will lead to Internationally recognized Business Analyst Certificate from IIBA.
• Solution to help companies hire smart i.e better fit candidates faster and with a higher Return on Investment. • Business Analyst Education - An innovative solution designed to impart experiential,hands- on business analysis
education with the intention to increase the availability of trained and qualified business analyst at the grass root level. • Service that will enable prospective CBAP/CCBA candidates to get the international recognized Certificate from IIBA.

Business Analysis - Skills Discovery and Benchmarking Solution

Assists our valued clients to:
• Discover the competency of their business analysts.
• Map these competencies in a comprehensive competency maturity model.
• Help the business analyst to visualize objectives.
• Provide targeted,prioritized capabilities for development actions/training.

Business Analysis - Skill Enhancement Solution

Provides our valued clients with:
• A set of learning and development offerings.
• The insights will come from the skills discovery and Benchmarking Solution.
• To elevate the business analyst to achieve international certification from IIBA.

Business Analysis - Path to Certification

Provides the following to our valued clients:
• Help the applicants during the application phase for certification.
• Prepares the applicants to pass the CCBA/CBAP examination in their first attempt.
• Determines examination readiness and optimizes preparation effort.